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Table of contents

1. Mission statement

2.Violence & Rape

3. Gender Sterotyping

4. Voting





1) Mission Statement:

Our mission is to educate and inform the audience of our website on the important issues of women rights. Women are deprived from various important opportunities and protection. In order for a change we need the World to realize women all over the World deserve to no longer live in fear or daily struggle.


2: Violence and Rape


History and cause of the issue:

Violence against women has gone back as far as time can go but shelters and acts to help the cause have not been started until the 1970's. The biggest excuse why women have not received any help is because governments viewed domestic violence as a personal issue between two individuals instead of a problem that causes the government to intervene. 98% of the time the violence is caused by a man. Men and societies use to believe that women were a weaker gender and unable to have the same capabilities as men , which enabled men to have a power over women. Not only can this abuse be verbal and physical but can also be sexual. Many causes of sexual abuse are done for men to feel powerful and also for not respecting the rights of a women saying no.


Description of who the issue is affecting:

Woman's rights is one of the biggest issues that the Nation is dealing with. Violence is the main problem within woman's rights that pertains to physical, emotional, rape, incest, child marriages, and female circumcisions. 17-38% of females around the world have admitted that they received physical abuse from their partner. The majority of domestic abuse takes place in underprivileged countries and seen as a private manner. In Peru 70% of all crimes confirmed to the police have to do with a husband beating up his wife. This issue takes place all over the world even in highly respected countries like the United States were a woman is beaten every 18 minutes. In 1993, Pakistan recording 400 crimes of women being abused by their husbands and nearly half of them resulted in death.The biggest form of abuse on women is sexual. Sexual assault can be in the form of harassment, exposing/flashing, forcing a person to pose for sexual pictures, fondling, and unwanted sexual touching. 60% of sexual crimes are not reported to police and out of the 40% that are , less than 6 % of rapist ever spend a day in jail. This is a very sad and true fact for people to be living in a society with. A teenager between the ages of 16-24 are four times greater at risk of being a victim of sexual assault than any other age group. It is estimated that one in six women will be sexually assaulted in their life time. In the United States a rape occurs every six minutes. Rape is the biggest crime to commit next to murder but the facts are astonishing to realize how often it occurs but how rarely someone is sentenced for the action. Many countries in the middle east, especially China do not wish to give birth to females. If they do not conceive a male ,85% of the time they decide to abort the girl. Rights are often taken away from women at an early age when they are prostituted by their own families or used as an order bride. It is common in the Middle East an Asia for sex trafficking to be a big risk to teenage woman were they are taken against their will and used in underground prostitution. Innocent girls are also violated in religions through torture. According to the World Health organization 85-115 million girls have undergone a form of genital mutilation and suffered health affects. The majority of these girls live in Africa, Asia, and the middle east. Their religions make them believe that it is necessary for girls to have their clitoris cut off in order to be clean. The circumcision of young girls which leaves them traumatized for life before they are even close to being mature on any level.

Description of perpetrator:

90% of the time the perpetrator is someone the victim knows. This could be a family member, a friend, a neighbor, or someone the victim is associated with. This gives the perpetrator some sort of relationship with the person in order to give them access to create a plan. Men are the main perpetrator, even though females are too, but extremely less. A rapist often has woman that will have sex with him so they decide to rape not only for the sexual pleasure but more for the feeling of pleasure. Some rapes use weapons against their victims but most times men feel powerful by being able to hold a woman down and making them unable to protect themselves. Rape is highly used in war by invading soldiers in order to terrify an entire country and also impregnate a woman with their ethnicity and leave them . College men are also common on using drugs to allow them to use a girl to their advatange. They may sneek a drug into your drug and even can insert the drug into a sealed bottle and re heat it to close the injection spot.


International attempts to help:

Women rights has not been seen as an issue in society until the 1970's. This is when cities started to create shelters and therapy places for victims of rape to go to for help. The world began to recognize the issue in the early 1990's. In the Beijing conference, governments declared that “ "violence against women constitutes a violation of basic human rights and is an obstacle to the achievement of the objectives of equality, development and peace".Violence on women was also acknowledged by the United Nations until December 1993 when they adopted the declaration on the elimination of violence against women,which was the first explicitly address the issue of violence on women and how it violates their freedom. Afterwords the commission of human rights in Africa adopted a resolution on March 4th, 1994 with the special rapporteur on violence against woman, including its causes and consequences. The rapporteur stated that. For the issue of rape being used during war a platform for action made the Fourth world conference on Women rights to announce that rape on women during a armed conflict is considered a war crime and that even under certain circumstances can be considered genocide. These international attempts to help women rights have made a difference but are not enough. Women rights are not equal to all of human rights especially in the middle east. A purple ribbon is the international symbol for the support and awareness of domestic and sexual abuse during the month of October.

Violence and Rape against women PSA
Appeal to Action:

1: Volunteer at local shelters and rehabilitation faculties
2: Donate money to local charities such as RAINN ( Rape,Abuse, Incest, National Network) or WAR ( Women Against Rape)
3: Teach and educate girl and woman about rape and sexual assault
4: Follow the following tips to in order to reduce your risk:
– Be aware of your surrounding and avoid isolated situations.
– Always go to social occasions with a group of friends.
-- Make sure your cell phone is with you and you are not being distracted by music.
– Don't leave your drink unattended.
-- Watch out for your friends and vice versa.
    • Don't accept drinks from someone you don't trust or know.
    • Lie if you are under pressure .
    • Remember the situation is not your fault.
5: If someone needs help or advice call the toll free hotline open 24 hours a day (1-800-656-HOPE)

3) Gender Stereotypes

Gender Stereotype is defined as prescriptions and beliefs about the behavior and emotions of men and women. In a recent article, Sarah Palin’s hotness was constantly rated and talked about…nothing about her intelligence or knowledge about new ideas was brought up. This stereotype occurs a lot, especially when it comes to politics. Women usually can never be taken seriously when careers are involved. The fact that a candidates looks are considered before her knowledge is appalling. Women are equal to men, and should be treated as such. A girl was taken out of the yearbook because she chose to wear a tux for her senior portrait. “Girls are supposed to wear girl clothes, pretty things, peony-print dresses…” The Civil Liberties Union has filed a report against the school for discrimination. “I never thought my school would punish me just for being who I am”. the girl said. The principal did not approve and pulled her from the yearbook all together, her name wasn’t even listed.


Gender Stereotypes have been occurring since the dawn of time. The reason women are seen as weaker than or not as smart as men, which is untrue in most cases, is because of the old times where women’s duties were the basics at home, they have followed us up to this century. The customary woman gets married, has babies, and is loving and affectionate. Recent studies have found that men see women as superior in two out of 10 key leadership behaviors, supporting and rewarding subordinates. Often judged of their problem-solving ability. Research shows that famous women leaders don’t really lessen stereotyping. It actually creates "extreme awareness" of women leaders, and the lack of their knowledge. On the news a women wanted to get promoted for her company in Chicago. There were 5 guys running and her. She ended up not getting the promotion. She apparently was the hardest working one there and had the best report on why she should get it and all her ideas. The boss actually told her it was because she was a woman and so she sued her boss and he got fired. She also got the promotion. This was about 3 years ago. Things like this still happen in this century, it’s a shame.


Everyone is so used to women doing what they do. You rarely find men cooking and cleaning. The things women did back then were those exact things, and take care of the kids and things like that. That hasn’t changed because the only people who wanted it to change were women and no wanted liked change. Their goals are to make change and honestly I don’t think its going to happen unless there are famous groups to raise awareness about women’s rights.

WRAP (women’s rights awareness programme) is a group who works on the future for women. Their goals are to “enhance the promotion and protection women's and children's rights through advocacy and awareness creation, and to initiate mitigative measures for abused women and children such as safe and secure alternative accommodation and other related supportive services.” “WRAP, as an organization that responds to the needs of vulnerable and traumatized children and women, espouses certain core values. Such values form some of the criteria used to identify and assemble the dedicated team at WRAP. Our core values: integrity, morality, professionalism, competency, team work, transparency, openness, accountability, confidentiality, innovativeness, flexibility, dedication, humility, partnership, respect, results-oriented , equity, non-discrimination, tolerance.”
People can take action by posting their opinions on the WRAP page and the majority of them go out to society, trying to make a difference.

4) Women Voting

Saudi Arabia is basically the only country that doesn’t allow women to vote. They have never been able to vote so this has been around since the dawn of time. Women can't even drive. "I thought I was doing my government a favor because I don't think they could have said, out-and-out, 'Come on women, come forward,'" Nadia Bakurji said. Prior to the election, there was a lot of debate; so why are women considered in the US and some other countries, but specifically not in Saudi Arabia? The government doesn’t feel women’s opinion matters, or is as important as men’s opinion. The US feels as though women have earned that right to vote. They have fought for that right for years on end.


The cause is that a little bit less of the majority of women in Saudi Arabia are used to it because it has been happening for such a long time, but Nadia Bakurji, along with many other women would like a chance at voting. There aren’t specific groups going on, but there are women’s clubs in Saudi Arabia where they discuss purposes and goals; they’re kept on the down low because they can get in trouble with their husbands for sneaking around. They are looking at 4 years as being the time frame for women to be able to vote. That’s how long it’s going to take to discuss and act on the discussion at minimum. Taking action can help in many ways. You can mail a letter to the Saudi Arabia government. They read 78% of the mail they receive…they only act on about 30%, but you can still try to make a difference. I think outsiders from the US will help because we women actually have to right to vote, and have a broader look on the situation.


5) Workforce


In the world, everyone has the right to work. Everyone should have a free choice of employment. Everyone includes women and not just men. Women don’t deserve to be working in homes their whole lives. They deserve to have a well paid job just like men. In the past women couldn’t hold jobs or have an education, now things are different but women still aren’t getting the fair attention they deserve.
46% of labor forces are women. 75 % of women are in market. Yeah, those statistics’ are good and fair, but what about the lead managements in businesses? Four in ten businesses worldwide have no women in senior management. Women deserve to be top of any management just as much as men do.
A while ago women worked at home and the men left the home to work to make money for the family. Things have changed a lot and now women have the opportunity to work outside the home. Some women that are still at home in other countries are being abused. Asian Domestic workers in Saudi Arabia are being abused. In Kuwait, women in homes are trying to escape the abuse they are getting from their husbands. Women do not deserve that kind of treatment. Women deserve to be treated and should work, just like men do.
Italy's women employment rate is less than 50%. The employmentrate for men is more than 20 points higher than the women employment number. The women there earn less money than the do. In Japan, the men employment rate is 20% higher then the women employment number.
Now that the education in the world is getting better, women are getting better educations which are leading them to better jobs. Instead of having stay at home moms, the world is producing more professional working women. 80% of American women with a college education are in labor force. Women are bouncing back and soon should be equal as men in workforce. In America it is said by 2011 it is predicted that there will be more than 2.6 million women in the universities than men.

This google earth tour is about the workforce of women around the world.

6) Abortion


Whether or not a women gets an abortion, should always be based on her decision. It’s her stomach and her life. In the United States, 9 out of 10 abortions are performed in the first 12 weeks of a women’s pregnancy. Some states have legal restrictions to abortion. Some states make women wait over 24 hours to make an informational appointment. A teen getting pregnant could change her life forever, getting abortion for some teens could be a big help. 30% of teens get an abortion. Getting rid of abortion, could a pregnant ladies life forever.

Some places don’t want to have baby girls. In Bombay, 99.9% of abortions were done because the baby was female. Females can pretty much do the same work as men these days.

In Ireland they banned the right to abortion. Women in Ireland have to travel overseas to get the abortion they desire. In 1992 in Ireland, a 14-year old girl got raped by her neighbor and was pregnant. Since abortion is illegal in Ireland, she wanted to travel to England to get her abortion.




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