Do You Deserve An Education?


Together we have the ability to educate our world's children by restoring the Right To Education throughout the world.

Table of Contents:
I. The Right to Education
II. Who is affected?
III. Discussion of Abuses
IV. International Attempts at Help
V. Appeal to Action
VI. Videos
VII. Sources

I. The Right to Education
Within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 26 regards the Right to Education.

Article 26.

  • (1) Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory. Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit.
  • (2) Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It shall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial or religious groups, and shall further the activities of the United Nations for the maintenance of peace.
  • (3) Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.

The Right to Education is important for all, and does not discriminate against genders or cultures. Everyone means every single person throughout the world, males, females, Native Americans, Asians, Caucasians, orphans, adopted children, and disabled children as well. There is no reason that someone should be denied an education despite their health conditions or way of life, because when it all boils down to it, everyone is different. That difference could be skin color, religion, or illnesses, they all still deserve the same equal education, to not educate children is a crime, and whether you believe it or not, they deserve an education as much as anyone else. [4]

II. Who is affected? Being uneducated affects everyone, the Right to Education is not meant merely for children, it is meant for all humans throughout the world. The focus of most research and development regards children, but the adults who were uneducated at one point in time is ridiculous. There is no reason that people should remain uneducated. Schools exist in every country, and therefore children in every country should be educated in some form or another. Children and adults alike, have the opportunity to gain an education, leading to more successful economies, and families. There are still between 93 and 101 million children in the world who spend this time of their lives being uneducated. Girls especially are victims of being uneducated, in many countries females were never allowed to attend school. They always stayed home and worked on things within the home with their mothers while the men did work, and the sons went to school. The fact that girls are slowly being allowed into schools is still appalling to some cultures while in others the fact that girls are not allowed to be educated in disturbing and unheard of. There are many ways that girls can be educated and many reasons in which they should be, ending this discrimination between the genders needs to happen quickly or more children will remain uneducated turning the world into a place that nobody will want to be. [1]


Story of Hope:
Fourteen year old Penelope Machipi lost both her parents, dropped out of school, and had to raise her younger siblings, while living in poverty stricken Zambia. Penelope was helped by the Camfed organization and was able to finish her high school education.
Penelope stated, “Without education I would be nowhere…Education gave me confidence and made me a more responsible person.”
Penelope is one of many girls who is helped through the Camfed organization, you can donate to this organization and help many other children gain an education as well. [5]

Click here to learn about the things these girls overcame when they thought they had no hope left in the world.

III. Discussion of Abuses

Many children are denied the right to education because they are either made to work or are forced into the armed forces. Many families may not be able to afford schooling for their children, especially since there is more than one child in each of these families. Many children face discrimination while they are trying to receive a quality education, and therefore they will not go back to school, if able, even after the fact, for fear of facing discrimination again. Numerous amounts of children also face violence while they are trying to receive an education. [1][2][3]

While money is an aspect that causes children to remain uneducated, many of these children should be receiving an education regardless. Education is a right, meaning that everyone deserves it as much as any other human being. The price should not matter because a state or country should offer it to each individual living in the area no matter what. When money is an issue, and the family only has enough for one or two children, the money will be giving to the sons before a family would pay for a female child’s education. Girls are discriminated against much more than boys would be in given circumstances. They do this because there are more reasons that boys are worth the cost of an education, because it is believed that boys will do more with their lives then girls would, so therefore the boys will receive the education more so then the female family members. [1][5]


IV. International Attempts at Help
Global Action for Children, UNICEF, Camfed, Amensty International

external image image.asp?id=3920external image unicef.jpgexternal image n28881066511_3644.jpg
Global Action For Children- A petition has been written and set in place for President Obama. The petition is asking for the President to set aside two million dollars for a Global Fund for Education. 75 million children will not set foot into a school this year, they will be left behind, and never able to reach their full potential without this education. If there is money put aside to help these chidlren gain knowledge within the classroom, we will be helping the world.

UNICEF- As part of the worldwide Millennium Development Goals, the second goal is “achieve universal primary education.” This greatly reflects the quality of the world, everyone truly deserves an education and UNICEF is targeting by 2015 to ensure all boys and girls to a quality primary education. They are doing this by hosting many campaigns to raise money for bettering worldwide education; they are also helping schools remain safe havens for students, providing clean water, and sanitation for the schools they are saving these children from disease. UNICEF is doing much more to achieve this goal, to learn more visit their website. [2]

Camfed- This organization is focused on supporting mainly female through their education. They provide the fees that girls may need to pay to the school, be that for books, or admission costs, Camfed will pay it. They pay for school supplies for the children, and they provide long time help, not just a one-shot deal. They pay the girls’ way through school, from elementary school, throughout high school, and get them a jump start on their post high school education, and professional schooling. Once a girl has completed these courses and gotten this far with her education, they will help to train her into opening a business or things to help her be more successful as an individual in a country, and hold her own. They have been helping girls for years, and they continue to do that with the help of sponsors who donate to these children in need. For more information visit their website. [5]

external image amnesty_logo.jpg
Amnesty International- There are many things that Amnesty is doing to help ensure education for all children, some including working towards ending the recruitment of child soldiers, and working them back into everyday life, where they will receive a primary education and become educated citizens instead of risking their life without a choice. They are taking steps to end gender discrimination in countries and working girls and boys both into having a quality education, donating to Amnesty International will help to better the lives of many children throughout the world. [2]

V. Appeal to Action
You have the ability to change the pathway of a child's life, all you have to do is be considerate and donate to Amnesty International or sign the petition that Global Action for Children has on thier website. What YOU do today can change their future FOREVER. Act now, and change a life. Without you their lives are going nowhere. Help the children gain the proper edcuation that you have at your fingertips, but they struggle for everyday, and yet are still denied.

VI. Videos
Google Earth Tour


UNICEF: Announcing "Education for All" Campaign at UN - The most popular videos are a click away

Video Link -> The Right to Education

Right to Education Photostory

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