Freedom Of Speech

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1.My Mission Statement:

The purpose of this wiki page is to let everyone in the whole wide world know that they are allowed to say whatever they want in any given situation. Also to help those people who can't speak for themselves to be heard.

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Table of Contents:

      1. My Mission Statement
      2. History of the Issue
      3. Who the Issue is affecting
      4. Perpetrators of the abused
      5. International attempt to help
      6. Taking Action
      7. Video
      8. Google Earth Tour
      9. PSA

2.History of the Issue

Freedom Of Speech was the first Amendment of Bill of Rights to pass in 1791. It's protected by the First Amendment to the United States of Constitution. Back in the day speech was restrictive, you weren't allowed to say anything unless you were ordered to do so. Other colonies had different views on the protection of Freedom Of Speech. During the English Colonialism in America, there were few prosecutions, because people would speak with out permission or say something that wasn't suppose to be said. For example a person in Virginia was declared to the death penalty for speaking badly of ministers and royalty. Freedom of speech mainly means you are allowed to speak without any limitations to what you say.

3.Who the Issue is affecting

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Tinker vs. Des Moines

John (13) and Mary Beth Tinker (16) had attended a public school in Des Moines, Iowa. On one of the parents meetings, Vietnam War was discussed and they had decided to wear black armbands as a symbol of their protest. Principal of the school wasn't happy about it and had made a rule that you weren't allowed to wear black armbands and who ever had refused it would be suspended from school until she/he had removed it. Both of the siblings were aware of the rule but still wore the armbands to school. By the end of the day they both were suspended and had to go home until they remove the armbands. The parents of the children had disagreed with the school and took them to court. The case brought attention to the U.S. Supreme Court.
The U.S Supreme Court had ruled 7-2 against the school and in favor of the students wearing the armbands.

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Texas vs. Johnson
Johnson had been participating in a political protest outside the Republican National Convention in Dallas, Texas during 1984. At the very end of the protest, he had set an American flag on fire. A lot of people were offended by his actions. During that time it was considered a crime because he had desecrated a national flag. He was charged and convicted under the law of “Freedom Of Speech.”
The U.S Supreme Court had ruled 5-4, saying that Johnson had violated the First Amendment ( Freedom of Speech).

4.Perpetrator of the abused

Politicians have been abusing freedom of speech for years. They used words to sway the votes in their favor. They are doing it to make sure they have enough votes to get elected.
Musicians abuse freedom of speech by using topics in their lyrics to influence the listeners actions and thoughts. Listeners follow the musicians lyrics and they feel like some of the songs are been taken too far.
Freedom of speech is still being abused in courts. The judges don't allow the Criminal to talk for themselves and a lawyer or public defender has to represent them instead.

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5.International Attempt To Help

Most countries around the world have a more strict policy toward what is said. They don't have the same “freedom” of speech as Americans do. The Global Voices Advocacy is an online website that is defending “free” speech online. This provides help to express your freedom to any information online.

Global Voices Advocacy
American Civil Liberties Union
“Freedom Of speech” in The United States Constitution

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6.Taking Action

People should express their freedom of speech to the fullest extent. It is a privilege to American Citizens and they should take advantage of that whenever necessary. The defintion of Freedom of speech is that every citizen has the right to express their opinions publicly withouth government interfrence, subject to laws against libel and incitement to violence.
Man is free at the moment he wishes to be.”


Martin Luther King "I have A Dream"

8.Google Earth Tour

My google earth tour takes you to Washington DC where all the bill of rights were being signed.
Than it takes you to California US explains the same-sex marriage problems and how that influnces freedom of speech.
Lastley it takes you to North Korea, where it shows you how people don't have any freedom of speech rights.

9. PSA
Freedom Of Speech


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