Patti Kimpel and Shelby Mandery
Food and Shelter for All
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Mission Statement
´╗┐This website is dedicated to the many people who are going hungry or who are homeless and shelterless, there are many organizations who's goal is to give people food and shelter and we support those groups.

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Table of Contents
1. History of the issue2.Causes of the issue 3. Who is it affecting?4. A Discussion of the perpetrators of the abuses5. International attempts to help6. An appeal to take action

History of the Issue
There are thousands of events throughout the world which have added to the issue of hunger and homelessness. These events include natural events and disasters, famines like the Irish potato famine in 1845-1852 and the blockade and attempted starvation of Germany by Britain in 1915-1919, as well as war throughout the world which force people away from their homeland. It usually takes countries years to recover from large famines, some countries never even fully recover. Many people also end up as refugees from different countries throughout the globe. The majority of these refugees never regain thier normal lives, thier homes, or thier money. However, hunger is not just a problem in third world countries, even well developed countries like the United States have a history of hunger and homelessness. Here it is caused from inflation and people loosing thier jobs in the past like the depression, as well as today. The issue of hunger and homelessness has been around since there were people on Earth, and may never be completely erased.
Causes of the Issue
One of the main causes of hunger and homelessness is poverty. Both personal poverty and national poverty contribute to these problems. If people don't have any money, then they can't afford to feed themselves or their families. If people can't afford to feed themselves or their families, then most likely they won't be able to buy a home or shelter for themselves, and if the country is in poverty, then there will be less of a chance that there will be that many shelters for the homeless, so even more people are being unsheltered. Another cause of hunger would be if someone is going on some kind of hunger strike. They are making themselves hungry to get what they want, that is also a problem when it comes to hunger. Another cause of hunger and shelterlessness would be wars and natural disasters. When a war goes through a town or a city, many buildings and homes are destroyed, same with a natural disaster, when someone's home is destroyed, it takes a long time to rebuild it or even to find a new home.
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Who Is It Affecting?
Hunger and homelessness affects everyone. These two international issues create a downwards cycle for much of the population throughout the world. There are drastic cases of homelessness around the world in countries like Afghanistan, Kenya and India where people have a hard time finding food and keeping thier home. However, there are also less drastic cases of hunger and homelessness even in places like the United States and many other countries. Without food, the young generation of children are unable to attend school. Whithout school, they will be unable to afford proper housing. Finally, without housing, they will have an extremely low chance of being able to raise a healthy family.

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´╗┐Discussion of the Perpetrators of the Abuses
In some cases, there are people who are messing with the aid efforts and stealing food that was meant for the people in certain countries who are going hungry. When they steal the food, then the people who really need it don't get the food and they could die of hunger. Also, sometimes when a person or a group of people are torturing people, they will take away their food, causing hunger, or will burn down a group of people's homes like during war. Other than these problems, there aren't really any perpetrators or abuses to this because it is a crisis that is affecting a lot of people with no other cause than poverty.

International Attempt to Help
There are many organizations around the world trying to fight against hunger, poverty and homelessness. Some of those organizations are:Anti Poverty Committee, Casa Alianza, Homeless Workers' Movement, Pathways to Housing, FEANTSA, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Bread for the world, Action Against Hunger, Harvest Time International, Asia Rice Foundation, and many more. Some websites for these organizations are:,,,, and All of these organizations are making a big difference in many people's lives around the world who are desperate for help getting food and a shelter or home so they have a place to live.

Hunger and Homelessness PSA #1
An Appeal to Take Action
Do whatever you can to help all of the organizations fighting hunger and homelessness. They need all the help possible. Many of these organizations collect and bring food to the hungry people who need it and make sure they are eating good food that will keep them safe and healthy. Also, you can contribute your time to homeless shelters like working in a cafeteria. Every homeless shelter is dedicated to helping as many homeless people as they can get back on their feet. They have a place to sleep, eat, and shower, and you can volunteer by giving them food and other thigns and by doing that, you can make a difference in many people's lives. also, you can do something simple, just donate a few dollars to an organization. it may not seem like a lot but when so many donate just a few dollars then more money is raised to help the organizations help others. Some organizations that help these causes are: Anti Poverty Committee, Casa Alianza, Homeless Workers' Movement, Pathways to Housing, FEANTSA, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Bread for the world, Action Against Hunger, Harvest Time International, Asia Rice Foundation, and many more.
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Hunger PSA #2

World Hunger PSA from Spark Media on Vimeo.

Google Earth Tour

A tour through the ten poorest countries in the world.

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