Discrimination: Ryan Stone, Jack Mewha, Andrew Grajek

Table of Contents

I. Mission Statement
II. History of Discrimination
III. Perpetrators of Discrimination
IV. Video against Discrimination
V. Public Service Announcement
VI. Google Earth Tour
VII. Who it affects
a. Personal Story
VIII. Causes of Discrimination
IX. Resolution
X. Take Action
XI. Biblography

I-Misson Statement: Our website is dedicated to raising awareness of discrimination. Not just racial discrimination, but also sexuality discrimination, discrimination in the work force, and gender discrimination.


II- History:

Discrimination has been around for as long as man has lived on this earth. The Egyptian empire used the Jew's as slaves because of differences between the two races. European nations also used social classes to discriminate, the Kings and nobles used peasants as slaves just because they were poor. The United States developed discrimination as soon as the nation was founded, even though the constitution states that there is “Liberty and Justice for All”. African Americans were discriminated against and imported to become slaves in America. They were forced to work with no pay. The Nazi party thought that they were better than the Jewish population, so they exterminated them. This obviously was a form of racial and religious discrimination. The most known discrimination in the United States was during the civil rights movement. This was a major step to stop discrimination. Many influential people which impacted the movement to make African American's equal were Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks. In 1994, a mass genocide happened in Rwanda, people were killed because they had different skin color, eye color, and shape of their nose.


Anybody could be a perpetrator of discrimination. It could be as easily as giving someone an odd look for being different than you. Its not hard to recognize discriminatory behavior in public places. Even not putting a ramp for handicapped people could be considered discrimination. People need to watch what they are saying, saying the word “retard” to describe someone or to insult someone is considered discriminatory behavior. Anybody could be a perpetrator of discrimination, whether you are aware of it or not. Some extreme behaviors of discriminating would be Hitler, when he killed millions of Jews during the Holocaust. Even president Truman could have been labeled as a discriminator when he sent thousands if not millions of Japanese Americans to internment camps. These two examples were extremists, but anyone could be a perpetrator of discrimination by just saying one word or one simple look.




This is a PSA supporting Amnesty International showing how discrimination effects people being discriminated every day.


This tour takes you around the world, describing and showing you the different types of discrimination that takes place all around.

VII-Who it affects
Discrimination affects a vast majority of the world.
Those who could be affected:
African Americans
Work Force
Other races

Personal Story

VIII- Causes of Discrimination

The reason we have discrimination today have to do with the past. No one put a stop to it and new generations of children grew up thinking that, that was the right to do. Back in the 17 and 18 hundreds there was slavery in the U.S. And because nobody put a stop to it early, this was considered okay. As time went on slavery was put to an end, but discrimination still lived on in America. Race riots would break out, and white people would make the African American's go to the back of the bus. Because none of these things were put to an end right away, new generations of children were brought up thinking that this was okay and continued to discriminate. Another cause of discrimination is because there is a high competition for jobs, and certain jobs are made for certain people.

IX- Resolutions

The United Nations are helping countries overcome the effects of slavery that happened in the past, as well as other types of discrimination. They are also putting up a fight against areas that still use slavery and other types of discrimination. A program called Adecco is coming up with a solution to help with job discrimination. They plan on making jobs accessible for everybody, not just one race or sex.

X- Take Action

Hopefully, after reading through this wiki page. You:
1. Feel like you need to do something
2. Think you know people who have been discriminated
3. Thought about how all these people are being discriminated, and want to donate to the link below.
Donate Now


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