Worldwide Unemployment

Table of Contents
A.Mission Statement
D.Who is being affected?
E. Perpetrators
F.Who is helping?
G. Bibliography

Mission Statement

Whether it is from the unmerciful recession, or the lack of education in some regions, unemployment hits people hard all around the world. To have a steady income and a dependable future should be a human right. There are certain groups that support employment by starting public work projects and creating facilities to help educate people in material trades such as plumbing, electric, and architecture.

Unemployment- A History
The Great Depression is a key example of an unemployment crisis. The unemployment in the United States rose to 25% and in some areas the unemployment rate reached nearly 33%. The National Industrial Recovery Act was implemented in 1933 and established a public works program. This is a clear example of how public works projects have helped recover from a worldwide crisis. Farmers and business throughout the whole world were hit hard. Eventually, it was figured out that limited governmental intervention and no discriminations regarding trades would solve the problem.


Unemployment can be defined as a persons availablity to work but is at the time without a job. There are many different causes to unemployment, all dealing with the complex actions of the economy.
Causes can include the following:
-Unbalanced trade options/deals
-Physical and natural disturbances. This includes natural disasters, terrorist attacks, war, etc.
-Population Growth
Minor causes
-Frequent change in season
-influx of technology
-Discrimination in the workplace

Economists linked the "Great Recession" to securitization and deregulation of real estate which can fall under the corrupted trade bullet point. The problem was made worse when oil prices and food prices were raised. International trade went way down. This wave of misfortunes is the direct cause of most of the first world countries. Countries like Turkmenistan and Afghanistan are being affected by something else. When the problem is solved for the regions of Europe and America, the Middle eastern countries and Africa are still struggling because the source of their problem is coming from somewhere else.
Countries like Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, and Zambia are underdeveloped. For instance, Afghanistan did not a establish a economic system with banks and paper money until the 1930's. Presently, they are in a middle of a war and cannot focus on education or ecomonic strategies. The tatics are greatly different from the those used to solve the crisis in America.

Who is being affected by unemployment?

There are many countries being affected by the unemployment in the middle-eastern and scattered areas through the continent of Africa. The areas that are highlighted with dark red or orange shades are the ones most struggling the most. Turkmenistan is the maroon shaded region in the Middle East and has a rate of unemployment over 50%. Next to Turkmenistan is Afghanistan. Afghanistan is one of the other top unemployed countries. Over 40% of the civilians are unemployed. In southern Africa the Countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe are doing the worst. Both of their employment rates are exceeding 50%.


The Horror of Unemployment

A personal story in the experience: I Need a Damn Jobexternal image openquote_a.gif I have a rather unique story. I am a highly educated professional who got into trouble in 2005 at work. Because of politics, stupid decisions and general bad luck, I lost a great paying job and because it was a disciplinary matter, it would be quite some time before I got another job in that field. Needless to say, I have spent the better part of the last 3 years trying to find work suitable for my level of professional experience and age. It had been largely unsuccessful. My life became a vicious cycle of television, job searches and heart-renching disappointment. No lie, I must have submitted well over 500 resumes, answered 3000 online job posts and subscribed to every online career site I could find. Nothin'. I had been using the time off to be Mr. Mom, taking care of home while my wife worked two crappy jobs seven days a week. With less money coming in, we had to give up a lot of amenities that we were used to as well as a lot of necessities, not to mention having to borrow from friends and family just for the basics. I spent some time over the last few months going to the library and researching methods on getting hired and I must say, it has helped tremendously. I also read a lot of self-help books and articles and learned how to build my confidence as well as write a better resume. Just this week, I got a job, not in my chosen field but it is a job, and my three year ordeal has given me an appreciation for being employed that I would have never imagined. Ideally, this job will finance my preparation to re-enter my main profession. I am now more determined, more optimistic, and more goal oriented than ever before and that has made a huge difference on my outlook. I expect life to even out the circumstances and my faith in myself won't allow me to accept failure or self-pity like I did when all of this started. I saw a great quote which told the story perfectly and it said that sometimes it is when you lose everything, you find yourself. So, to all you lost unemployed souls out there, just stay optimistic, work hard to get yourself back out there and most of all, don't ever give up. You can do it.

Who are the Perpetrators?

There are no exact perpetrators. Economists have linked back the problem to "risky lending practices" in real estate. What was happening was realtors were letting people buy houses without an adequate amount of money to pay for mortage. This puts people in a state of debt. Panic errupted in the loan market and many banks worldwide were close to bankruptcy.


International attempts to help/Organizations

The majority of organizations fighting the unemployment crisis are in individual regions, and not on a international scale. From past experience with the Great Depression, it was found that government intervention is not a good idea. When the government aided the public, they took advantage of it and became dependent. So as a result of that many of the public work programs are at a local scale.

Some examples of public work progams:


Take Action!

Take the lead and motivate others. Making local communities aware of the growing crisis by making advertisments is a great start. Creating ideas for public work projects to improve your local communities is resourceful. Taking a bigger step in solving the problem of unemployment, you can write letters to representitives, and start groups to raise awareness. For other regions around the world, it would help to stress the importance of education.

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