Tori Grossi, Kevin Hanna, Holly Heneks
"Once trafficked into one form of labor, there is a strong likelihood that children may later be sold into another. For instance, a high percentage of girls from rural Nepal, recruited to work in carpet factories, are trafficked into the sex industry over the border in India. " ―June 2004 United Nations study

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Table of Contents
  1. History
  2. Causes
  3. Effects
  4. Why?
  5. International help
  6. How you can help

1. History of Child Slavery.

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In Victorian England and 19th century USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, children were commonly used as cheap labor in mills, factories, mines, workshops and wealthy homes. The Factory Act(1883), The Mine Act(1842), The Factory Act(1867) took place in england and created rules that regulated working hours, protected the young children, and improved working conditions. Almost every country has laws that restrict child labor. However these laws are not always enforced and are often abused. Most children are sold now to work off their family debt. These parents willingly sign-off their children for slavery. They do not see it as slavery though. They see it as giving their children a better life because they are living in better conditions and in better places than their homes. Shyima Hall is a child slave who was a slave in the United States. Shyima is from Egypt and she is from a poor family. Her parents sold Shyima to a rich family in Egypt. She lived in their luxury apartment and worked for around $1 a day and barely got sleep or ate. The family moved to California and brought Shyima with them. They got her a visa and said that she was family. In California she lived in the garage, which was nicer than her home in Egypt. She worked for the family by dusting, doing the dishes, cooking meals, and getting the kids ready for school. She never got an education of her own. She was spotted one night by a neighbor. They saw a girl wearing rags doing dishes around midnight through a window. They questioned the family and asked how many kids there were. They said a wrong number. The neighbors called the police and the owners were put in prison. What baffled the police is that Shyima's parents knew that she was doing this. The husband got 3 years in federal prison and the wife got 22 months. They were also forced to pay $76,000 which is how much Shyima would have made in minimum wage. When reporters caught up with the slave owning family, they would not talk to reporters. However they reporter did notice a young girl bringing in groceries wearing dirty clothing full of holes.

This is a google earth tour about Shyima's journey through child slavery.

2. Causes.
The causes of child slavery are that a rich owner will buy a kid in a poor family and have them work and clean their house. They do this because they do not have to pay the child a lot compared to getting a maid. They buy children off of poor families because they know that if they offer money the family will most likely take it and think that their child will have a better life. Child slavery mostly occurs in the middle eastern area.3. Who does Child Slavery Effect?Child Slavery Affects everyone. The community, the families, and the children themselves are shocked and effected by this. The child is the most effected out of everyone involved. They do not know that what they are doing is wrong. They think it is normal. This slavery is hurting the children in ways such as health and education. They are not getting the healthcare that they need or the education. When/if they get freed from their owners, they are not able to function properly in society because they have no education. These children often have mental disorders and trust issues due to their slavery. Both families are effected. The slave owning family are imprisioned and fined. The family of the child slave they are no longer getting money from their child's labor and are often angry at the child. In most cases the child is taken away from its parents. The community is effected because they now do not know who is safe and who is owning slaves. They lose their trust in everyone. Child Slavery effects everyone and it is happening all over the world. It has to stop.
4. Why do people buy children?
Why do people in this modern day own slaves? Well child slaves are most commonly used for their cheap labor. These parents sell their kids off most of the time to pay of debts. The slave owners are buying the children so they can have a cheap person to do work for them. Children will work long hours and live in poor conditions without saying a word. Another reason is that children are easy to hide and scare quiet. Many of the owners do not realize the physical and emotional scarring that they are causing these children to experience. It must stop.5. International help.
There is child slavery in about every country in the world and there are also organizations all around the world that are trying to end it. Oraganizations such as Free the Slaves has groups set up all around the world. They organizes fundraisers such as marathons, walks, informational speeches and other fundraisers to help the cause to end child slavery. There are many more organizations such as Help Stop Child Slavery which is one of the easiest ways to help. Most people have AOL, Google or Yahoo set up as their home page for their internet. If you go to Help Stop Child Slavery you set your home page as their search engine. The revenue the web site earns from this will help ad projects all over the world to help the children.
6. How you can help.
There are many ways that you can help end child slavery. One of the easiest ways is to volunteer your time to helping the cause. Volunteering is very easy and all ages can do it! Some ways to help is by answering information calls from the public, organizes things such as marathons, bake sales or any type of fundraiser. You can also volunteer to work at tables that inform the public about child slavery and what they can do to help and how they can also sign up to help.

PSA- Our public service announcement to inform people about child slavery and how awful it is.

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