Arab/Israeli Conflict Wiki Page Project

I. Required Content

A. History of the Arab-Israeli conflict

1. Important Places relating to the confict

2. Important People relating to the conflict

3. Key Wars and Battles

4. British Colonialism in Palestine

5. Zionism

B. Maps

C. Israeli and Palestinian political groups

D. Current issues (select three)

1. Religion

2. Land

3. Israeli settlements

4. Palestinian nationhood

5. Gaza and West Bank

6. Security

7. Israel’s right to exist

8. Terrorism

9. international geopolitics

10. Opposing Viewpoints

E. Peace Accords

II. Required Elements of the Wiki Page

A. Table of contents

B. Source citations

C. Bibliography

III. Other Required Content (select 3 minimum)

A. website Links

B. vocabulary-key terms

C. Slide show

D. Links to timeline

E. Links to Google earth sites

F. RSS Feed

G. Embedded video